Our Story


The Evercake concept started as I was ordering flowers online while skimming Pinterest for my toddler's birthday cake. I wanted a beautiful cake that I could add to a cart and have delivered. Why didn't this exist? A few months later, The Evercake was born.

We are different in that we are strictly buttercream based (no overworked fondant here). Our recipes are tried and true, slightly less sweet, and with designs aimed to be worthy of your celebrations. We don't have a traditional storefront with overhead to worry about it, which means we don't have to mark up our cakes to account for this. Growing up in my mother's restaurant and doughnut shop, food, and sweets have always played a prominent role in my life. I don't see this passion ever going away.

The Evercake is the culmination of everything I love and live for. This includes all things cake, beautiful design, and helping people celebrate their big and little moments. Most days you’ll find me with my family uptown, group texting my sisters, or enjoying a big slice of cake!

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- Roz